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Hi, I’m Rae Bassett, a gardener, illustrator and garden photographer in Australia.

I have always loved flowers and art. From a very young age my parents taught me to stop and see the beautiful details of our natural world and to wonder at the beauty of Australia’s landscapes, flora and fauna.

I started this blog so I could share examples of Australian native plants in ornamental and cottage garden settings with a wider audience. There are very few photographic examples online, so I hope in the end to bring you oodles of inspiring photos from my own garden in Sydney and my new garden on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Plus I will soon be sharing more profiles of other gorgeous flower filled native gardens and stories about the gardeners who have inspired me.

I’ll also be sharing my art and illustrations inspired by nature, from watercolour paintings to illustrations and explorations with digital art and painting in Procreate with iPad and Apple Pencil. You may also see the occasional illustration from my artistic alter ego The Artful Pug!

Please feel free to add my photos to your Pinterest if you’re putting together ideas for your own garden. You can follow me on Pinterest too.

If you would like to license my photos for Commercial Use such as advertising or marketing your business, you will find many photos on Shutterstock, or please get in touch to discuss your project.

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“Australia’s native flora is beautiful and incredibly diverse – a true national and global treasure”

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