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I’ve been designing a garden renovation for a friend in Sydney’s Northern Beaches region recently. It’s been a fun and satisfying project. I really enjoyed learning more about the native plants indigenous to the area, and dreaming about plants for sandy soils that I couldn’t grow in the garden here.

I did all the garden planning and design on my iPad. It is perfect for everything from playing with ideas, drawing to scale, developing and refining master plans and creating artistic 3D concepts. I mostly use two applications – Procreate and Affinity Designer – with an Apple Pencil of course.

At times it was a slow process and it made me realise that some add-ons would really make the process so much faster. So I put my illustration skills to work and I made them!

Available now on Creative Market from just $13 for the set, my Affinity Stamps for Landscape and Garden Design will cut your garden drawing and planning time in half.

The pack includes fully scalable Vector tree, shrub and plant brush stamps for Affinity. There are over 150 design assets in total, to make your concept design process fast and creative. The set is divided in two, with a collection based on vector outlines, and a second collection of shapes with outlines along with a shape mask and a coloured watercolour fill.


The garden design shapes are so fast to use! Add a tree or shrub to your design in 2 taps, resize and reposition endlessly, change the outline and wash colour for all elements at once or one at a time, and change the outline brush to personalise your style. It is so fast and let’s you focus your time on design and plant choices rather than drawing.

In case you didn’t know, in Affinity Designer you can draw to scale, easily measure all elements exactly, add text, draw formal shapes such and buildings and paths, all in fully scalable vector mode. Switch seamlessly to pixel mode to add hand drawn elements to your design and make it your own.

I plan to record some tutorials in future to share my process for garden design using Affinity Designer. And if you are completely new to design and drawing apps then stay tuned for my Procreate garden design pack and tutorial, which will be a better starting point for the home gardener.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a note below. Happy garden designing!

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  1. Virginia

    Loving your blog & information.
    Your indoor plants are an inspiration & so healthy.


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